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Guide to Garnishing Wages in Florida

Processing wage garnishments have the potential to become frustrating, especially if one or several employees have more than one garnishment. From unpaid student loans and

HRIS vs. HCM vs. HRMS Systems

There are many acronyms in the human resources management technology industry, but what exactly is an HRIS system? What are HCM platforms? These and other

Do churches pay payroll taxes?

The subject of taxes is especially complex, primarily because it is intended to be that way. There is an argument that our convoluted taxation system

Managing Payroll for a Daycare

Managing a daycare or childcare center is becoming increasingly difficult by the day. If you are like most daycare owners or managers, you could use

Best time to switch payroll providers?

Most business owners stick with a single payroll provider for years, assuming all payroll providers are equal. Though payroll providers offer similar services, they are

How To Process Payroll in Florida?

Payroll in Florida is inherently challenging, partially because the days of cutting a weekly check to hardworking employees are long gone. Today’s payroll is characterized

Is Workers Compensation Taxable?

The subject of workers’ compensation insurance is rarely discussed by the mainstream media, employers, and employees for several reasons. For one, most business owners, employees,

What is compliance in business?

When the word “compliance” is used, most people think about the law or HIPAA rules about patient information in the medical industry. Compliance is an

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