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Stress-Free Payroll and Benefits Services for Phone Stores

Owning, managing, and operating a phone store is no small task. Today’s phones are incredibly dynamic, changing at a rapid pace. Moreover, most phone stores have high turnover rates. So instead of stressing out about your payroll, lean on America’s Preferred Payroll to handle that challenge.

Payroll Done Right

Think back to the last time your phone store encountered a problem with payroll. Whether you currently process payroll in-house or outsource the work to a third party, you’ve likely dealt with several issues over the years. Unfortunately, payroll problems are costly, chew up time and send employees to potentially greener pastures.

America’s Preferred Payroll is here to save the day. We make it much easier to keep your employees satisfied and adequately compensated. So let us handle your payroll, zero in on selling phones, and your bottom line will benefit. We proactively tackle all payroll challenges for phone stores regardless of their complexity. Whether your phone store has a revolving door caused by high turnover, a couple loyal employees or if you own multiple locations, we’ll customize service for your enterprise.

Payroll Processing and More

Most phone stores have wage-earning employees, some of whom earn benefits. Whether you pay wages or salaries, have staffers who earn benefits or require human resources management, we’ve got you covered. Our team helps phone stores maximize their potential through efficient and accurate payroll.

In addition to cutting checks at your requested schedule, we also handle the subtleties of payroll ranging from state and federal tax withholdings to the onboarding of new employees, compliance with federal payroll-related laws, enrollments and more. These are the comprehensive business solutions your phone store needs to operate like a well-oiled machine.

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Comprehensive Payroll Service for Your Needs

To an outsider, phone store payroll seems like a simple task: employees earn set wages and receive biweekly checks. However, those who have attempted to process payroll for phone stores are well aware of the fact that these projects have the potential to become complex. There are significant variations in employee compensation ranging from salaried employees to those who earn wages, those eligible for benefits and more.

America’s Preferred Payroll provides detail-focused payroll service characterized by simplicity, transparency and affordability. We process payroll without tacking on year-end fees or other surprise costs. Let us know your desired pay schedule along with other details and we’ll handle the rest.

The High-tech Payroll Service Your Business Needs

The difference between a low phone store retention rate and high retention rate is often shaped by payroll timeliness and accuracy. We’ve made payroll high-tech with new employee electronic onboarding, self-service portals for employees and electronic documents for all contributors. Whether your phone store prefers manual checks or direct deposits, we’ve got you covered.

Our high-tech approach to phone store payroll includes:

  • Fully customized reports for your store(s)
  • Comprehensive integration with accounting software
  • Electronic time/attendance tracking and more
  • We even go to the extent of automatically filing accurate quarterly and yearly state and federal tax reports
  • Financial services with Gusto Wallet that includes direct deposits and payday advances

Service Plan

    • Full-service payroll across all 50 states
    • Friendly, experienced payroll support
    • Customizable reports
    • Flexible PTO policies, accruals, and tracking
    • Employee access to payroll debit cards and payday advances
    • Employee document management
    • Electronic employee self-onboarding, self-service, and lifetime accounts
    • Access for your accountant
    • Integrated with accounting and time tracking software

Say Goodbye to Payroll Hassles

Answer a few questions, and we’ll help you find the perfect payroll solution.

We Sweat the Small Stuff of Employee Compensation

Payroll has become increasingly complex with each passing year. Compliance with local, state and federal law is necessary yet difficult to accomplish without the expertise of a payroll specialist. We guarantee compliance, providing an invaluable peace of mind. Our services even extend to customized account access for managers.

Lean on our team and we’ll process the following and more for your phone store employees:

  • Direct deposits or paper checks
  • Deductions such as child support and wage garnishments for unpaid taxes or debts
  • Tax requirements
  • Benefits

Our full service payroll processing spans all 50 states. If you expand to additional locations in your city, region, state or other states, let us know and we’ll scale your payroll processing needs accordingly.

Contact America’s Preferred Payroll Today

Do you own or manage a phone store or other phone or tech-related business? If so, do not make the common mistake of attempting to process payroll on your own. Our payroll professionals are here to process payroll on your behalf.

Contact us today at (813) 865-4205 to find out more about how we can help your business with payroll, human resources, benefits processing and more.

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