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We pride ourselves in being a one-stop-shop for all you’re your business needs. From payroll to Group Insurance and Business Insurance plans. Ensure that your company is fully covered for all of the what if moments of life and business management.

Business Insurance Plans are provided by:

Fearnow Insurance

Our extended network allows us to provide our clients access to the best business insurance rates and plans. We offer business insurance plans including but not limited to:
  • Business Property Insurance: Covers the building and its contents that are owned by your company in the event they are stolen or damaged by a covered event.
  • Business Interruption Insurance: Should a covered event cause you to close your doors, this insurance will help you continue to pay bills, pay employees, or even continue operations out of a temporary location.
  • Business Liability Insurance: General liability to protect your company from losses stemming from bodily injury or property damage claims.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Protects against claims of poor professional advice or workmanship.
  • Business Owner’s Policies: Insurance package that includes property insurance, business interruption insurance, and general liability protection.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Protect your vehicles and drivers in the event of an auto accident claim.
  • Umbrella Insurance: Provides an extra layer of coverage over various business insurance policies.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Coverage for employees in the event they are hurt while on the job. Helps reduce your liability in the event of an accident. Pay as you go Workers’ Compensation plans are available.
  • Key Person Insurance: Key Person Insurance: Some businesses cannot survive, or will have a difficult time, should a primary employee or an owner pass away. This insurance can help the company maintain financial stability in the absence of a particular leader.
  • Extra Expense Insurance: An extension of business interruption services if a covered event causes disruption in your daily operations
  • Employment Practices Liability: Provides protection against lawsuits by employees alleging wrongful discharge,
    discrimination, or other employment related exposures.
  • Employee Benefits: Fearnow Client’s have access to an excellent group of benefits for their businesses ranging from discrimination, or other employment-related exposures. from short-term disability to group life insurance. These benefits are designed to protect your company’s most valuable assets—you and your employees. The products available range from group life policies, short- and long-term disability, and dental programs.
  • Cyber Liability: Cyber Liability Insurance can address a variety of risks related to the use of computers, the internet, computer networks, and electronic information databases. A primary concern for most organizations is the threat of a data breach — a security incident in which sensitive, protected, or confidential data is copied, transmitted, viewed, stolen, or used by an individual unauthorized to do so. Data breaches may involve financial information such as credit card or bank details, personal health info (PHI), Personally Identifiable Info (PII), trade secrets of corporations, or intellectual property.
  • Flood: Property insurance excludes damage by flooding to your building and contents. Flood coverage will provide protection for damage due to rising water.
  • Pollution Liability: Your General Liability and Automobile policies EXCLUDE coverage for most costs related to pollution losses. If you are liable for pollution, the cost can be staggering for clean-up. Even bankruptcy CANNOT shield you from liability.
  • Inland Marine: This policy provides coverage for equipment, tools and materials while on the job site, in transit or in storage.
  • Builders Risk: This policy provides coverage for a building under construction for which you may be responsible. It may also include materials on the job site not yet installed.
  • Directors and Officers Liability: Provides protection from wrongful acts/decisions made by directors and officers of the entity.

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We can help your business select which types of plans are needed to protect your company as well as to ensure your company is compliant with any and all federal and state regulations. We can also make sure that the plans are written for your specific industry so that your restaurant, auto repair garage, doctor’s office, law firm, building contractor company, or even church is fully protected.

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