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Stress-Free Payroll and Benefits Services for Schools and Daycares

Schools, daycare providers, and other childcare centers need efficient and accurate payroll service just as much as other businesses. The hardworking contributors to educational institutions and daycare providers deserve to be paid in full and on time without exception. America’s Preferred Payroll is here to process your payroll and benefits and provide compliance service to keep your group humming along.

Located in Central Florida, we serve schools and daycares all around the state. Phone us at (813) 865-4205 or use our online form to request more information.

Payroll Done Right

Most educators and childcare providers are intrinsically motivated to help youngsters. The joy obtained through helping kids, tweens, and teens is important yet financial compensation for such effort is just as important. Reward your team with on-time, accurate and fair compensation through our payroll processing service, and your retention rate will increase.

Our payroll, benefits, and compliance services are available to businesses of all types and sizes, including elementary, secondary, and postsecondary educational institutions. Whether you own or manage a school, daycare, childcare center, college, university or other educational/care facility, we’ve got you covered.

America’s Preferred Payroll ensures your hardworking team receives financial payment and benefits for their work. Meet with our payroll processing specialists, tell us about your school or childcare provider, and we will tailor payroll service accordingly. We are a community-minded group of professionals eager to help educators and care providers perform at their best throughout the entirety of the school year.

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Payroll and Coverage for Schools of Every Type

Processing payroll in-house at a school, childcare center, or other care facility is inherently challenging. Most such organizations do not have a full-time payroll processor for a good reason. Administrators, teachers, and others are laser-focused on their unique roles within the organization.

Whether you work for a small elementary school, a middle school, a high school, a college, or a faith-based educational institution, you need top-notch payroll service that compensates your team in full every single time without exception. We take pride in serving institutions of all sizes, regardless of whether they have a dozen employees, hundreds, or even thousands.

Payroll Service for Your Unique Educational Institution

No two educational institutions are the same. The payroll processing needs of a childcare center that provides care for a couple of dozen little bundles of joy are different from those for a high school or college. Factor in the nuances of home daycare businesses, private schools, religious schools, and other institutions, and there is even more of a need for service tailored to each idiosyncratic institution.

Benefits, Compliance, and More

There are certain rules and regulations every educational and care institution must adhere to, especially in the context of employee compensation. Factor in each institution’s unique benefits packages for hardworking employees, and there is even more complexity to manage. Instead of hiring several additional full-time in-house employees to attempt to surmount these challenges, let our specialists do all the work for you.

We take the time necessary to understand the idiosyncrasies of each educational institution, care center, or other business and provide payroll and benefits services accordingly. Our team has the manpower, technology, and attention to detail your business needs for fully customized service as opposed to pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all solutions that have the potential to create a litany of ancillary problems.

Service Plan

    • Full-service payroll across all 50 states
    • Friendly, experienced payroll support
    • Customizable reports
    • Flexible PTO policies, accruals, and tracking
    • Employee access to payroll debit cards and payday advances
    • Employee document management
    • Electronic employee self-onboarding, self-service, and lifetime accounts
    • Access for your accountant
    • Integrated with accounting and time tracking software

Say Goodbye to Payroll Hassles

Answer a few questions, and we’ll help you find the perfect payroll solution.

Professional Payroll Processing Liberates Your Team

You and your team are wearing enough hats as educators, administrators, and care providers. There is no sense attempting to balance one more hat atop the rest by trying to process payroll on your own. Factor in the complexities of compliance, benefits, and the other wrinkles of employee compensation within the confines of the law, and there is even more reason to put your faith in our team of professionals to process payroll on your behalf.

Our detail-oriented team of number-crunchers is hyper-focused on processing payroll the way you want it, setting the stage for employee compensation promptly without cutting legal or financial corners. Ultimately, the peace of mind you obtain from our professional payroll services will prove invaluable.

Meet with our team to develop an understanding of how our payroll processing service works, and you’ll find we use the industry’s latest technology. Our payroll processing technology is scalable and repeatable for each client. We provide flexible service that encompasses the needs of each educational institution, childcare provider, or other business. We deliver payroll on time, every single time to keep your organization operating like a well-oiled machine.

America’s Preferred Payroll is at Your Service

Our payroll specialists take pride in serving schools, daycares, and other businesses that make the local community that much better. Lean on our team to process your payroll the right way. Reach out to us today at (813) 865-4205 to learn more about our payroll, benefits and compliance services.

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