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Boat dealerships, marinas, and other boat-related businesses face unique payroll challenges. Each marina and boat dealership employee plays an important role in the business as a whole, yet no two employees receive exactly the same amount of financial compensation, benefits, etc. Add in the complexities of insurance, potential garnishments, and payroll, and then you have quite the workload.

Internal structural changes, employee turnover, and seasonal sales make boat dealership and marina payroll dynamics even more challenging. America’s Preferred Payroll embraces those challenges on your behalf.

Payroll Service Tailored to Your Boat Business

Whether your business has half a dozen employees, hundreds of employees, or a number in between these two extremes, the quality of your payroll plays a large part in hiking your retention rate. Rely on a proven payroll specialist to process and update your payroll needs as necessary, and your team members will feel that much more appreciated.

Meet with America’s Preferred Payroll, and you’ll find we carefully tailor payroll service to each unique boat-related business. From boat rental services to boat sellers, marinas, and more, we make it easy for all businesses that engage in water-related activities to keep their contributors satisfied and compensated in a timely manner. Tell us about your business, its employees, desired payroll schedule, benefits and more. We’ll take charge of your payroll with steadfast determination.

Economical Payroll That Adheres to all Regulations

Payroll service carries inherent costs yet those costs do not have to cripple your business. Instead of paying an exorbitant sum to an in-house team of payroll processors or the largest payroll services provider in town, opt for a more economical approach in America’s Preferred Payroll. We are staffed with experienced payroll professionals who carefully craft cost-effective and fully customized payroll solutions that are optimal for your unique business. We also go to unmatched lengths to prevent punitive IRS penalties for overlooking bureaucratic requirements, employee compensation laws and other legal idiosyncrasies.

Our team guarantees accurate tax withholdings on the local, state and federal levels. This is the attention to detail your boating business needs to sidestep costly fines that make it difficult to continue to operate your business without a significant financial setback. Let us sweat the small stuff ranging from deadlines to accurate payments, benefits processing and more while you focus on your strengths.

Add new employees and we’ll process the direct deposit information within two business days or less. You can even submit direct deposit information for new additions upwards of 72 hours prior to payday. We even go to the extent of empowering your employees to deposit into two separate accounts, be it a savings account, checking account or investment account.

We Integrate with 1,100+ Popular Softwares

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We Make Work More Rewarding for Your Hardworking Employees

Marina and boat dealership employees work hard for a living. It is no secret that marina labor is tough on the body, stressful and oftentimes frustrating. The accuracy and timeliness of employee compensation plays a large part in convincing your contributors to remain loyal to the business.

Choose America’s Preferred Payroll for your payroll needs and we’ll exceed your expectations, boost your retention rate and even convince current employees to recommend your business to other potential rainmaker employees. As an example, we integrate benefits and payroll for optimal efficiency. Your employees will be empowered to conveniently access paystub information online.

Our services even extend to management reports with details pertaining to:

  • Allocations of labor
  • Sick time
  • Vacation time
  • Aggregate hours worked
  • Salary/wages

Whether you pay your team an hourly wage, salaries, have shift differentials or another setup, we’ll tailor service in accordance with your needs. We accurately calculate deductions and pay them as appropriate. From taxable deductions to pretax premiums for healthcare, HSAs, flexible spending accounts and more, we cover all the subtleties of your business’s deductions down to the very last detail.

Service Plan

    • Full-service payroll across all 50 states
    • Friendly, experienced payroll support
    • Customizable reports
    • Flexible PTO policies, accruals, and tracking
    • Employee access to payroll debit cards and payday advances
    • Employee document management
    • Electronic employee self-onboarding, self-service, and lifetime accounts
    • Access for your accountant
    • Integrated with accounting and time tracking software

Say Goodbye to Payroll Hassles

Answer a few questions, and we’ll help you find the perfect payroll solution.

Tell Us About Your Payroll Challenges

Boat dealerships and marinas have seasonal upticks and downticks in business, meaning staffing needs change throughout the year. There is no sense attempting to manage the dynamics of an ever-changing payroll on your own when the experts are here to overcome those hurdles on your behalf.

Your boat-related business undoubtedly has its own nuanced challenges in the context of payroll, some of which might seem insurmountable. Instead of investing your limited time, attention and effort into attempting to handle those challenges, let us do the work for you. We have experience processing payroll and all the related nuances from shift differentials to child support payments, wage garnishments and more.

Contact America’s Preferred Payroll Today

Our payroll specialists are here for your boat dealership or marina. Let us handle your payroll needs and you’ll be liberated to focus on what you do best.

Reach out to us today at (813) 865-4205 or by email at for more information about how we can help your business with its payroll needs.

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