Take the hassle out of paydays and get back to growing your business! Our team experienced professionals work with you to design cost-effective solutions that meets the specific needs of your business today and as it grows.

No more IRS penalties! Did you know that every year 1 out of 3 small businesses pays a penalty to the IRS? With America’s Preferred Payroll, you will never miss a deadline or pay the wrong amount.

Accuracy and convenience that you can count on!

  • Guaranteed accurate federal, state, and local tax withholding.
  • New direct deposit information processed in 48 hours and hours can be submitted up to 72 hours before pay day.
  • Employees can opt to deposit into up to 2 accounts, including checking, savings, and investment accounts.
  • Employees have access to detailed pay information through online access to their paystubs.
  • Our integrated payroll and benefits package provides insightful management reports with detail salary and wages, taxes, hours worked, vacation and sick time used, labor allocations, total costs, and more – generate custom reports to meet your specific needs.

Our payroll servicing can handle processing any type of pay including:

  • Salary, hourly, overtime, shift differentials
  • Commissions and bonuses, including reduced withholding rate
  • Vacation, sick, holiday, PTO
  • Tip reporting
  • Cash advances
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Payments to independent contractors

As for deductions, you can be rest assured that they will be accurately calculated and paid appropriately. Types of deductions can include:

  • Taxable and pretax premiums for medical, dental, and vision
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Health savings accounts
  • 401k, SIMPLE, and other retirement plan contributions
  • Group-term life insurance
  • Long-term and short-term disability insurance
  • Dependent care
  • Child support
  • Loan repayments
  • Wage garnishments deducted and paid to authorities as required

Our payroll system is compatible with:

  • QuickBooks®
  • QuickBooks Online Edition
  • QuickBooks for Mac
  • Peachtree®
  • ATX Client Write-Up™
  • TaxWise Client Write-Up™
  • CCH ProSystem fx®
  • Microsoft® Money
  • Easily export to Microsoft® Excel

Federal & State Tax Deposits and Reporting

Did you know that employers have personal liability for unpaid payroll taxes if the required payroll deposits are not made? Let our experienced payroll professionals handle these taxing requirements for you!
  • We ensure that all federal, state, and local payroll tax deposits are made on time. Funds remain in your account until payments are due—no advance impounding!
  • We prepare, file, and pay all quarterly and annual federal payroll tax returns (Forms 941 and 940).
  • We prepare and file W-2 Forms with the Social Security Administration.
  • We prepare and file all Forms 1099 with the IRS for independent contractors paid through America’s Preferred Payroll.
  • We prepare, file, and pay all quarterly and annual state and local returns, including unemployment returns.
  • We stand behind the accuracy of our work with our No Penalty Guarantee. If we make an error in a federal, state, or local tax filing, we pay the penalty and interest.

DIY Option – we provide signature-ready federal, state, and local tax forms.

Our Payroll Service Versus Theirs

  America’s Preferred Payroll Payroll Software Traditional Payroll Service
No Penalty Guarantee
Free 24-Hour Direct Deposit
Tax Impounding No tax impounding. Funds stay in your bank account until payment is due. Depends on service selected. Taxes withdrawn each payday, typically several weeks before the due date.
Payments to Independent Contractors
Accounting Software Integration Fast and easy downloads with detailed information for each employee. Compatible with numerous accounting software programs. Works only with single, specific accounting software that you may or may not use. Downloads data as a lump-sum journal entry with no employee-specific details.
Customer Support We’re here Monday thru Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm to help you with any questions you have. Extra charges apply. Included.
Price Pricing based on the number of employees and level of service. Pricing varies based on the services selected. Additional fees for direct deposit. Pricing varies based on the number of employees and the number of payroll runs. Additional fees for direct deposit, tax filings, and delivery.
  • Checks can be printed with Owner Signature or electronically sent to customer to print and hand sign checks.
  • Tailored Programs to fit your business.

  • Pay As You Go workers’ compensation plans available & supported. You pay accurate work comp premiums each time payroll is ran.

  • 99% of the Workers’ Compensation Audits are eliminated by our detailed reports.

  • No additional charges for W-2s at the end of the year.

  • 1099s are supported and only the state filling fee is passed onto the customer from the state. No additional fees apply.