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Managing and processing church payroll becomes that much more complex with each passing year. If you have found payroll has morphed into a project that chews up your time and energy, you will find comfort in knowing you are not alone. Payroll has the potential to prove quite challenging, especially when all the details of garnishments and withholdings are accounted for.

Your attention should be squared on giving your all to your church rather than handling the complexities of payroll. If you have grown tired of trying to process payroll, if you are unhappy with your current payroll service provider or if you don’t have such a provider, America’s Preferred Payroll is at your service. Our church payroll processing specialists have successfully compensated church employees across a wide array of congregations on time and with unparalleled accuracy. We sweat all the small stuff of church payroll so you don’t have to.

Trust the Payroll Experts to get Your Payroll Right

Even the slightest mistake in employee compensation, taxes, withholdings, or other payroll-related details has the potential to prove quite costly for your church. It takes time, labor, and money to rectify payroll mistakes. Why bother worrying about those mistakes and their ugly aftermath when America’s Preferred Payroll will get your church payroll done right on the first try every single week without exception?

Whether you are in charge of a church, ministry, an alternative congregation, or a non-profit, your organization can benefit from our payroll services. Once our payroll system is set up, your organization will prove that much more efficient. Just as important is the fact that your contributors will have tangible proof that showing their hard work is genuinely appreciated. Our highly efficient payroll service really is an opportunity to give something back to your hardworking church personnel.

Comprehensive Payroll Services for a Flat Fee

A large part of what makes our church payroll processing specialists so different is the fact that we provide a full-service payroll offering. We charge a single flat fee for the entirety of our payroll services.

Meet with our payroll professionals, tell us about your payroll needs, requirements and expectations. We will tailor service in accordance with those details. In fact, our comprehensive church payroll service even provides online client portal access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Church payroll reports are provided through our completely secure cloud portal. Feel free to log in to the system whenever desired. This is your opportunity to view payroll reports, access employee information, and also submit your church payroll for processing. It simply does not get any more efficient than that.

We Integrate with 1,100+ Popular Softwares

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Let Us Crunch the Numbers on Your Behalf

Processing payroll is inherently difficult largely because it involves a considerable amount of data organization and number-crunching. If you are like most church administrators, you aren’t exactly passionate about numbers and mathematics. Our payroll processing system calculates all payments, withholdings, taxes, sick time, holiday time, and additional figures for you. All of this information is conveniently organized on reports and spreadsheets for your analysis.

Even details pertaining to employee garnishments and deductions can be implemented in accordance with your detailed instructions in surprisingly little time. If you would like your customized reports to include specific information such as wage garnishment details, simply let us know and we will customize your payroll reports exactly as you desire.

Payroll Service Customized for Your Church

The payroll services that are best for one church probably won’t be absolutely perfect for another church in town or across the state. No two religious organizations are exactly the same. From variances in personnel to nuanced pay structures, differences in benefits, and so on, each church has its own idiosyncratic challenges in the context of compensation.

We have successfully helped churches and other religious organizations of all different types meet payroll obligations, surpassing employee expectations to the point that retention rates increase. The little-known truth is exemplary payroll service that gets employee paychecks right every single time really is quite important to employees. If you value your church’s hardworking personnel, you will provide them with an infallible payroll service.

Service Plan

    • Full-service payroll across all 50 states
    • Friendly, experienced payroll support
    • Customizable reports
    • Flexible PTO policies, accruals, and tracking
    • Employee access to payroll debit cards and payday advances
    • Employee document management
    • Electronic employee self-onboarding, self-service, and lifetime accounts
    • Access for your accountant
    • Integrated with accounting and time tracking software

Say Goodbye to Payroll Hassles

Answer a few questions, and we’ll help you find the perfect payroll solution.

Make Sure Your Employees are Paid Properly

Above all, what matters most is that those who contribute to your church are paid in full and on time. Accurate employee compensation provided on or before the day designated as payday is our top priority.

You can do your part to ensure your church employees are properly compensated by entrusting our payroll specialists to get the job done right. We provide employee payments through direct deposit or a paper check. Our system is even capable of directly depositing employee payments into multiple accounts. Reach out to us today at (813) 865-4205 to find out more about our church payroll services and schedule an initial consultation.

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