Gone are the days of hand-filled time sheets and with the new changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), it is more important now than ever to ensure that your business is not only accurately recording time but also providing your employees with a time and attendance tracking system that is easy to use and manage time worked, sick time, and vacation time.

Tracking time and attendance isn’t just an important aspect of management – it also ensures an accurate method to regulate labor costs, improve productivity, and ensure overtime compliance.
  • Track employee time with clocks, phones, internet logins, and even mobile apps.
  • Online access where employees can check available vacation and sick time, review benefits, and confirm payroll and direct deposits.
  • Managers can review and approve hours worked, vacation requests, and pay info.
  • Create and modify schedules and share with your employees.
  • Monitor overtime and receive alerts when individual employees approach maximum work hour limits.
  • Analyze patterns of labor metrics like causes of overtime and track employee absences.

Whether you run a national company or a small self-owned company, America’s Preferred Payroll Company can help you improve your company’s time and attendance tracking as well as improve all other aspects of your payroll, HR, and employee benefits administration.