What is compliance in business?

When the word “compliance” is used, most people think about the law or HIPAA rules about patient information in the medical industry. Compliance is an overarching term that refers to conforming to idiosyncratic legal, bureaucratic, medical, and other rules. In the context of business, compliance with the law is especially challenging as the legalese that makes up the substantive components of relevant laws is dynamic. Laws are dynamic in the sense that they do not stay the same. Laws, including those that govern the business world, have the potential to change with each passing year or even each financial quarter.

Compliance in Business is not DIY

Much has been made of the DIY (Do It Yourself) movement across recent decades. The rapid rise and expansion of high-speed internet across the globe has empowered individuals to become more self-reliant than ever. However, if you conduct an online search for “maintaining compliance in business”, you will be overloaded with an avalanche of information. Instead of attempting to wade through the advice offered on the web and then struggle to achieve business compliance on your own, ask the experts for ongoing guidance.

Business compliance is ever-evolving as laws about commerce change as time progresses. It does not make financial or practical sense to employ a full team of compliance experts in-house when our compliance specialists keep their finger on the pulse of laws about local, regional and national businesses. Our compliance team shoulders the burden of keeping up with legal changes and then altering compliance actions and strategies accordingly. In short, your business needs and deserves the expertise of compliance specialists to surmount today’s legal compliance obstacles and also those that will arise in the years ahead.

America’s Preferred Payroll helps businesses comply with legal requirements at the County, state, and national levels. We also provide payroll, business insurance, health/benefits plans, new hire assistance, and tax filing support. Our tax filing specialists prepare and file taxes on behalf of business owners based on the nuances of state and federal laws for full compliance each financial quarter and also at the end of the year.

Business Compliance in the Context of Insurance

Employment compliance and taxation compliance are only two barriers that stand in the way of businesses appeasing Uncle Sam. Compliance for business owners and managers also pertains to insurance. There are highly nuanced requirements at the local, state, and federal levels for employee health insurance. Bureaucratic obstacles stand in the way of businesses successfully and efficiently onboarding/enrolling new hires in life insurance, dental insurance, medical insurance, and more.

Tap into the expertise of business compliance experts, and we’ll ameliorate these challenges with the use of the latest tech, empowering you to focus on what you do best. Even if your business is medium-to-small, it faces the same compliance challenges as large corporations and even some international enterprises. Perform a cost-benefit analysis of attempting to understand these ever-changing bureaucratic hurdles, then hire in-house specialists to do the work versus outsourcing to America’s Preferred Payroll. You’ll find a significant cost difference. America’s Preferred Payroll takes pride in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance on behalf of businesses of all types and sizes, not only in the current year but also in the years ahead as compliance requirements inevitably change.

Recognize the Risk of Non-Compliance

Business owners are revered for wearing multiple metaphorical hats, serving in varying capacities as necessary throughout the workday. Though it is tempting to attempt to master the subtleties of compliance laws, such attempts are a waste of time, effort, and money. A single error in the context of compliance has the potential to result in thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in fines and additional penalties that make it difficult for your company to compete.

Recognize that compliance is becoming increasingly challenging regarding taxes, payroll, benefits, insurance, termination, and employment. Proactively prepare for such bureaucratic requirements with the assistance of our compliance professionals, and you will reduce the risk of punitive fines that can potentially upend your business.

Compliance also reduces the risk of lawsuits, sanctions, and negative publicity compromising your company’s reputation. Full compliance achieved through the assistance of America’s First Preferred Payroll provides invaluable peace of mind that cannot be quantified with dollars and cents.

Compliance Assistance Through America’s Preferred Payroll

Your business will be saddled by compliance challenges in the year ahead and also across posterity unless you have a helping hand. America’s Preferred Payroll is on your side regarding maintaining full compliance with the law, insurance, and more. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment with one of our business compliance specialists.


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