Managing Payroll for a Daycare

Managing a daycare or childcare center is becoming increasingly difficult by the day. If you are like most daycare owners or managers, you could use a helping hand. We’re here to provide exactly that. America’s Preferred Payroll is ready to tackle your payroll, benefits, accounting and HR management projects so you can focus on your strength: helping children who will become the adults of tomorrow.

The Value of Professional Payroll Processing

Most childcare center owners, managers and staff members don’t have an in-depth understanding of accounting and payroll. There is little overlap between the skill set of a childcare provider and a payroll processing specialist. Instead of attempting to wear all the different hats necessary to own, manage and process the paperwork of a daycare center, lean on the industry’s best to do the work for you.

Professional payroll processing addresses all the nuanced and important challenges of ensuring hardworking employees are paid on-time and in-full. Our team is also here to handle additional accounting, benefits and HR management projects as they arise. This is your golden opportunity to liberate yourself and your team to zero in on providing the best childcare in town.

Recognize your time, energy and resources are limited, outsource your payroll processing to us and your business will reach new heights.

Professional Payroll Hikes Your Retention Rate

There is nothing more disappointing than for a daycare center employee to work hard for an entire pay period only to be shortchanged, not be paid or receive a late direct deposit. Unpaid benefits, unaddressed HR inquiries and other bureaucratic details also have the potential to send your hardworking team to the competition.

A reduced retention rate decimates your business in the short-term and the long-term. America’s Preferred Payroll is here to sweat all the small stuff of your accounting, benefits and HR challenges, boosting your retention rate and operational efficiency. Our payroll service addresses:

  • Paid time off
  • Accrued vacation time
  • Bonuses
  • Wage changes and more

We’ll focus on all the details while you provide childcare without the specter of payroll and HR looming ominously over your head.

Compliance With Red Tape

Providing the city’s best childcare services doesn’t guarantee you’ll keep your doors open and maximize your bottom line. Attempt DIY (do it yourself) payroll processing, benefit administration and other elements of HR and it will only be a matter of time until your business suffers a setback. Even a slight oversight in the context of the law, rules, regulations or another compliance matter has the potential to sabotage your organization.

As an example, consider a situation in which you attempt DIY payroll, overburdening your in-house staff or yourself and miscalculate an employee’s paycheck. A wage complaint ensues, leading to reputational damage and the inability to retain your team, attract new employees and even attract customers. Our payroll service is here to prevent such a nightmare.

We process payroll the right way to enhance employee morale, maintain your solid reputation in the community and maximize your business’s long-term potential. From tabulating and tracking overtime pay to vacation pay, required notices, the FMLA, wage garnishment and more, we embrace the payroll responsibilities that often trip up otherwise efficient childcare centers.

Payroll Tailored to Your Daycare

No two childcare centers are exactly the same in regard to employees, management, ownership and other nuances. Meet with our team and we’ll customize payroll service for your unique daycare business. Instead of providing uniform payroll service that is the same across the board for all daycare clients, we invest the time and resources necessary to understand each client’s business and needs.

Tell us about your daycare center, let us know what you are looking for in terms of payroll processing, benefits, human resources and additional support, then let us get to work. We’ll tailor a game plan specifically to your daycare center, helping your business operate like a well-oiled machine. Our team sweats all the small stuff from direct deposit arrangements to retirement plan contributions, sick pay, management reports and more.

We are flexible to the point that we sync payroll with additional systems such as accounting and time-tracking for comprehensive service. From cloud integration for enhanced collaboration to generating customized reports, we have the capability both in terms of technology and manpower necessary to tailor service to your daycare’s needs and desires today and also across posterity.

America’s Preferred Payroll is at Your Service

Do you own or manage a daycare or childcare center? America’s Preferred Payroll is here to help you focus on what you do best. Let our team take care of your payroll, HR management, benefits and other accounting needs, liberating you to thrive in your niche.

Reach out to us today at (813) 865-4205 to learn more about our daycare payroll services and schedule a consultation.


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