What is Benefit Administration?

Benefits administration entails employee benefit planning ranging from communication to compliance, prices, design, execution, and ongoing enhancements. The optimal employee benefits administration symbolizes the culture of the business and brand, including its values. Benefits administration sets the stage for a balanced financial base that catalyzes businesses to new heights. Without further ado, let’s look at what benefits administration is all about and why it is so important.

Benefits Administration in Plain Terms

Search the web for “benefits administration” or a similar string of words, and you’ll be inundated with an overload of information. Instead of wading through the results, looking for meaning amidst the sea of information, shift your focus to our clear and cogent explanation of this essential human resources term.

Benefits administration is a process of forming, managing, and perfecting employee benefits. This overarching umbrella term encompasses developing benefits programs, adding new employees to the program, connecting with benefits providers, and processing invoices. Our human resources specialists embrace the challenge of benefits administration in addition to payroll, compliance services, and more.

The Benefits Administration Process

The benefits administration process commences with human resources managers and their team pinpointing the specific types of benefits provided to employees. Insurance coverage levels based on employee seniority and other criteria along with PTO policies, retirement benefits, and other perks must be well-defined.

Comprehensive benefits administration considers employees at all levels ranging from contract workers to temporary employees, part-time employees, and full-time employees. The type of employment ultimately dictates the unique benefits package. The challenge lies in establishing benefits that retain the services of hardworking employees.

The best benefits plans are detailed to the point that they adhere to the subtle nuances of governmental regulations. Ideally, benefits administration policies will be reassessed as time progresses, ensuring they conform to government requirements. However, state and federal government regulations are dynamic, meaning they do not stay the same. The benefits administrator is tasked with ensuring the information pertaining to benefits and retirement funds is properly disclosed to all employees.

The Role of Benefits Administrators is Expansive

Benefits administrators plan the administration of company benefits with the assistance of human resources departments. The two work in tandem to coordinate the ongoing monitoring and administration of enrollments, claims, terminations, and additional benefits. As tech improves and the business landscape changes, more companies outsource benefits administration to specialists.

Professional benefits administrators specialize in generating and maintaining records, documentation, reports, and other details about benefits distributions and compliance with the law. Benefits administrator duties include analyzing benefits programs for value and efficiency, recommending program improvements, interacting with vendors, and identifying new benefit plan opportunities.

Benefits Administration is Going High-tech

The administration of employee benefits has shifted from pen and paper to spreadsheets and highly specialized software highlighted by partial automation in surprisingly little time. Software makes administration that much easier, yet it doesn’t complete the entirety of comprehensive administration.

Benefits administration programs are helpful in generating and maintaining enrollment profiles for employees, tracking information, and executing benefits-related functions, yet human experts in this niche are still necessary.

Enter America’s Preferred Payroll. We employ experienced human resources professionals, including benefits administrators, who understand how to use the industry’s latest high-tech solutions to ensure hardworking employees receive the benefits they need and deserve every single time without exception.

Benefits Administration Challenges

Benefits plans and administration are especially complex in the United States as the nation’s ethos is unique individualism as opposed to the uniformity of the collective. The administration of benefits is made easier using the right software platform. Furthermore, a third-party benefits specialist will also help overcome administrative and bureaucratic hurdles.

There is no sense in attempting to address the litany of benefits administration challenges on your own when the specialists are at your service. Tap into the expertise of benefits administrators, and you’ll receive assistance with providing the right benefits, compliance, tracking payments, evaluating financial options, and improving the overarching process across posterity. Outsourcing benefits administration liberates you and your in-house team to maintain a laser-like focus on your projects.

Benefits Administration is Detail-intensive

It is no secret that health insurance benefits are egregiously complex. The enrollment of employees into health insurance programs, including dental insurance programs, retirement plans, and other benefits programs, requires extensive knowledge and attention to detail. Instead of attempting to master all the subtleties of benefits administration on your own, reach out to America’s Preferred Payroll to do the work on your behalf.

Our team provides benefits administration services with efficiency, ultimately serving as a net positive for your bottom line. We are here to enroll employees into benefits plans, tailor benefits packages accordingly and serve as a point of contact with medical care providers and others. Our services extend to interactions with:

  • Insurance providers
  • Retirement planning services
  • Disability insurance providers
  • All other parties relevant to employee benefits

Professional Benefits Administration Eliminates Bureaucratic Burdens

Take a moment to consider how convenient it would be to not worry about the bureaucratic component of enrolling new employees into benefits programs and processing benefits.

Instead of chewing up your limited time conducting employee benefit re-enrollments, processing paperwork, removing employees from benefit programs after departure or termination, and worrying about other bureaucratic paper-pushing, outsource the work to the specialists. America’s Preferred Payroll has benefits administration down to a science. We remove the burden of benefits from your team in its entirety, liberating you to focus on your strengths.

Competitive Benefits Administration Hikes Employee Retention Rates

Every business owner is looking for the next “rainmaker” employee who makes such meaningful contributions that he or she cannot be replaced. Attracting such employees and retaining valued employees who earn their keep is much easier with a competitive benefits administration package. However, if you are like most business owners and managers, you don’t have the time necessary to research the entirety of your competition to get a sense of their benefits packages and administration strategies. Perform a surface-level scan of the competition, and you’ll find the cream of the crop offers solid benefits without stressing established budgetary limits.

In the end, the benefits packages that appeal to an employee will partially hinge on his or her unique preferences. You can do your part to create a benefits package and administrate those benefits in a manner that has mass appeal if you lean on an experienced team of benefits administrators and payroll professionals to shoulder the burden for you.

Benefits Administration is a Fluid Process

The benefits packages and administration your company provides today will not be exactly the same as that of the next year and so on. Recognize that benefits administration is a work in progress and plan accordingly. Maintain an open mind, consider feedback from your valued employees regarding what they consider to be attractive benefits packages, and you’ll have the information you need to improve your benefits offerings and also their ongoing administration as time progresses.

The best way to glean insights into the strengths, weaknesses, and other points of note employees are willing to offer regarding benefits administration is to ask for their feedback. Consider feedback from team members during exit interviews, implement suggestions offered by your benefits administration and payroll team, and you’ll make consistent improvements as time progresses. If your company’s benefits administration has not been defined or if it has not been updated in a year or longer, seize the opportunity to perfect it at your earliest opportunity with the help of the industry’s best.

Professional Benefits Administration is a Competitive Edge

Though it is easy to overlook the fact that life is a competition, the truth is you and your company are ultimately attempting to provide more value to clients as well as employees than competing employers. Benefits administration is an integral component of success, especially as the battle for top-tier employee talent gears up. Choose a team of professional benefits administrators, and your business will have a leg up on the competition.

Truly effective benefits administration sets the stage for your business to attract, onboard, and retain rainmaker employees. An added bonus is the reduction in operational costs, as there is no need to invest money in training or paying out benefits to an outside team of specialists. Benefits administrators also save organizations money through cost-cutting benefits program evaluations that trim the metaphorical fat, saving your organization a considerable amount of money.

The icing on the cake is the benefits administrators’ ability to negotiate for the industry’s top rates and plans. Negotiating power and industry relationship development reduces rates, setting the stage for the savings to be passed onto you, the employer, as well as your hardworking team.

The time has come to offload the burden of benefits administration to those who do it best. Choose a team of proven benefits administrators, and you’ll tap into the expertise of a group that provides savings as well as potentially invaluable benefits recommendations that add to your bottom line.

America’s Preferred Payroll is at Your Service

Let our experienced professionals handle your benefits administration, payroll, and compliance challenges. Contact America’s Preferred Payroll at (813) 865-4205 or info@americaspreferredpayroll.com to schedule a consultation with our benefits administration and payroll experts.


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