Processing payroll for a construction business is not an easy project. This is precisely why more and more construction businesses are letting payroll experts handle this challenge on their behalf. The bottom line is you got into the construction business to build and make the world a better place, not process payroll. There is no shame in admitting payroll processing is not your strength and decide to outsource the work to those who excel in this niche. We embrace the challenge that is your construction payroll. Even if you have particularly nuanced payroll complexities, we are willing to invest the time and effort necessary to get everything exactly right.

Timely, Efficient and Accurate Construction Payroll

Construction workers earn their keep. Your hardworking team needs and deserves to be paid on time and in full without exception. Instead of trying to piece together the puzzle of payroll on your own and risking your team not getting paid on time, let our payroll experts do the work for you. We provide prompt, accurate, and comprehensive payroll services. While other payroll services require weeks to implement changes and new additions, we process new direct deposits for construction employees in two business days or less.

We take pride in empowering construction company owners and managers with insightful reports after processing payroll. This detailed information provides a look at everything from salaries and wages to taxes, the amount of sick time employees have used, vacation used/remaining, hours worked and so much more. If you are curious as to what your construction business’s total cost for payroll is, want to know about labor allocations or would like a fully customized report tailored to your specific analytical preferences, our team will do exactly that. Our in-depth reports are possible thanks to our high-tech payroll processing platform.

Construction Payroll is One of our Specialties

Construction business owners and managers face unique challenges, especially in the context of payroll. Managing labor costs has the potential to be quite a complicated project. Construction businesses have their own in-house personnel, contractors, union members, and others to pay. Each of these employee classifications has its own nuanced payroll specifications and requirements. This means paying employees a wide variety of hourly rates, tracking labor costs, implementing nuanced deductions and other nuanced challenges pertaining to construction company payroll will prove significantly easier than would have been possible had you attempted to do it all on your own.

Save Time With Professional Construction Payroll

Construction business owners and managers have plenty of work and precious little free time. Instead of attempting to master the subtleties of payroll processing or hiring yet another costly in-house employee to help you process payroll, let the proven payroll processing specialists handle all the details of payroll for you. We have processed payroll on behalf of construction companies as well as other businesses and organizations.

We provide comprehensive payroll processing services, meaning you won’t have to invest your time and effort calculating benefits, dealing with tax withholdings, processing payroll reports and resolving other payroll-related issues. Our payroll specialists handle everything payroll-related for you so you can square your focus on actual construction work. Outsource your payroll to our team and you will find you have significantly more time to serve your clients, add to your client base and bolster your bottom line.

Comprehensive Payroll for Construction Businesses

Payroll processing is not strictly limited to cutting checks for your employees. Payroll has evolved in recent years and decades to the point that much of it is digital. We have a high-tech platform to process detailed payrolls for construction businesses and other companies. From direct deposit to pay variances, raises, deductions, retirement account contributions, reports, time/attendance integration, and beyond, our services are truly comprehensive.

There is no payroll processing project too complicated for our team. From calculating multiple deductions per employee to unique tax withholding rates, overtime, hourly, salary, shift differentials, and payments to independent contractors, we handle every aspect of payroll for construction businesses.

Payments for Construction Workers of all Types

Organizing employee payments and processing those payments accurately and on time is easier said than done. You have enough to worry about aside from payroll. Paying union members, independent contractors, your in-house team and other contributors to your construction project has the potential to become an absolute nightmare. Instead of attempting to break down all the details of these unique payments to each type of employee, let our payroll gurus tackle this project head-on.

We thrive at analyzing construction company payroll, properly compensating each contributor regardless of his or her unique employment classification, and ultimately ensuring everyone is paid on time for their hard work. Meet with our payroll specialists, detail your unique payroll needs and we will get right to work processing your payroll.