Attorneys and paralegals certainly have specialized knowledge yet these professionals are not trained to process payroll. Completing a weekly payroll accurately and on time is more difficult than most assume. Those who have attempted to process payroll on their own in-house will testify it is rife with all sorts of nuanced challenges that require a team of experienced payroll processors and payroll processing software. Instead of trying to wear as many hats as possible at your law firm, focus on your mastery of the law while we process your payroll.

Exact Payments On-time Without Exception

Processing payroll for a law firm is not always straightforward and direct. Some attorneys are partially compensated through private clients and assigned counsel cases while others receive a percentage of case awards or other nuanced compensation. In some situations, associate attorneys are paid a flat salary with the potential for bonuses. Add in the complexities of processing court awards and settlements as they roll in, paying taxes, processing retirement contributions, and redirecting earnings for child support payments, and the complexity of law firm payroll is ramped up all the more. Instead of trying to perfect the subtleties of each component of your law firm’s payroll on your own, have experienced payroll processing professionals do the work on your behalf.

Flexible Payroll Solutions

Your law firm probably has unique pay types and maybe even a unique pay frequency that differs from other firms and businesses. This means you need payroll service customized for your unique needs instead of a generic approach that treats every business the same, forcing payroll to fit into narrow service constraints. Whether you have several managing partners, appearance attorneys, associate attorneys, paralegals, paid interns, part-time employees, contractors, or other non-traditional employees working for your firm, our flexible payroll system will accommodate them.

Our payroll system is designed for flexibility in terms of employee classifications, hours worked, pay types, pay schedules, and other subtleties that are actually quite important in the context of employee compensation and retention. Choose our payroll service’s flexible solutions and your employees will be satisfied to the point that they are inclined to remain with your firm that much longer.

Detail-oriented Payroll Processing for Law Firms

Take a moment to think about each of your unique employees. Some of your hard workers make weekly retirement contributions that are to be taken directly out of paychecks. Other employees have wage garnishments, child support payments or other payments taken out of their paychecks. Some employees choose to have extra income tax withheld from paychecks so they do not owe money when filing their tax returns in April.

If the payroll specialist you choose does not have the payroll software designed to process and store these detailed tax calculations and other transactions, your payroll will ultimately be inaccurate, your employees will be inclined to search for new jobs and word will spread that you are not properly compensating your employees. Choose a payroll processing service provider that focuses on the details and your employees will receive personalized service that gets paychecks right down to the very last penny every single time without exception.

We Sweat the Small Stuff of Payroll Taxes so You Don’t Have To

Payroll taxes are legal and financial obligations that should be proactively addressed by a law firm’s payroll provider. Instead of worrying about whether your payroll tax obligations have been met or wasting time thinking about whether your payroll taxes are accurate after they have been filed, let our experienced payroll gurus handle payroll taxes on your behalf. There is no sense in attempting to understand all the details of payroll taxes on your own when our team is here to do it for you.

We will ensure your law firm withholds employee taxes, furnish your employees with the necessary forms, process tax withholdings, and move forward in full confidence. As an example, your employees’ earnings should have withholdings for federal taxes, state taxes, Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, and more. Instead of investing your limited time in worrying about each of these details, outsource your payroll to our experienced professionals and you will have that much more time to focus on client service.

Payroll Service That Pleases Employees

Law firm success is largely determined by attracting and retaining clients as well as “rainmaker” employees. If your staff is not paid in full and on time without exception, they will be tempted to see if the metaphorical grass is greener elsewhere. Professional payroll processing that gets paychecks right every single time is a key piece to the puzzle of boosting employee retention. We also provide employees with online access to their paystubs and earnings-related information. Additional benefits of our payroll processing system include integration with your law firm’s benefits package, insightful reports, timely direct deposit set up and plenty more.