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Are you a homeowner who pays one or several nannies, cleaners, or other domestic services providers? Perhaps you own or run a nanny service. Running a nanny business is a ‘round the clock job. If you own or manage a nanny, or other care/domestic service-related business, you shouldn’t burden yourself with yet another responsibility in employee payroll.

Our payroll service handles all the details of nanny payments, compensating who provides such services in full and on time without even the slightest mistake. This is your opportunity to expedite and perfect your nanny payroll without ramping up overhead costs. Our nanny payroll service also proves invaluable for homeowners and others who regularly rely on nanny services and other care/service providers.

Timely and Accurate Payroll Done Right

Paying hardworking nannies and other care/service providers promptly and accurately is not exactly easy. Modern-day governmental bureaucracy combined with advancements in technology has added several layers of complexity to the payroll process. You should not have to worry about making a mistake in nanny payments or weigh down your mind thinking about IRS penalties.

America’s Preferred Payroll makes it easy to pay nannies, caregivers, and others who provide household-related services on time and with the utmost efficiency. We provide a detail-oriented payroll service that calculates compensation, withholdings, and taxes down to the penny so you don’t lose sleep thinking about potential IRS penalties. Keep in mind, about one-third of all small businesses end up paying an IRS penalty.

Nor will you have to bother yourself with state taxes, unemployment, Medicare, or Social Security deductions. We handle all these nanny payroll details on your behalf.

Nanny Payroll Service Tailored to Your Needs

If you have been tasked with any duties related to processing payroll, you know getting paychecks just right along with nailing all the nuanced idiosyncrasies of withholdings and taxes is difficult and time-consuming.

Don’t waste one more second of your precious free time trying to handle payroll on your own. Instead, lean on our nanny payroll specialists to do the work. We tailor our payroll service to suit the unique needs of your specific nanny service, employees, and other details.

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Efficient Nanny Payroll Services

Wouldn’t it be nice if your nanny service were paid through direct deposit in 48 hours or less from the time of the request? We do exactly that. America’s Preferred Payroll really will tailor payroll service in accordance with your specific requests, your nanny payroll needs, and your overarching goals. Communicate your needs and preferences to our team and we will personalize our nanny payroll service specifically for you.

Our nanny payroll services are efficient to the point that we provide seamless payroll scaling, meaning we can easily modify your payroll with the addition of new nanny services. We can even add new payroll entries if submitted within three business days prior to payday. Payments can easily be deposited into multiple accounts, be it an investment account, a checking account, a savings account, etc. Our system is highly efficient, providing nanny services providers with online access to pay stubs in mere seconds.

We Understand Each Nanny Payroll is Unique

Compensating those who provide nanny services is not always as cut and dry as other types of employment compensation. Nannies sometimes receive tips. These hourly workers might have shift differentials, overtime pay, PTO, sick pay, and expense reimbursements. Some nannies are considered independent contractors, meaning the subtleties of their compensation will be slightly different than formal employees.

We zero in on all the details of compensation and deductions, ensuring each nanny payroll is completely accurate down to the penny. This is the accurate and timely compensation hardworking nannies deserve after a week of exhausting work.

Business Solution Plans


Refreshingly easy payroll so you can get back to what matters most.

  • Full-service payroll across all 50 states
  • Friendly, experienced payroll and HR support
  • Customizable reports
  • Flexible PTO policies, accruals, and tracking
  • Employee access to payroll debit cards and pay day advances
  • Employee document management
  • Electronic employee self-onboarding, self-service, and lifetime accounts
  • Access for your accountant
  • Integrated with accounting and time tracking
  • software


Better HR tools so you can create a
great place to work.

  • Next-day direct deposit
  • Time-off requests and approvals
  • Workers’ comp and health benefit administration
  • Online offer letters
  • Customized employee onboarding tools
  • E-signing of custom documents
  • Secure document storage for employee data
  • Employee surveys and engagement tools
  • Employee Performance Reviews
  • Employee directory and org chart
  • Multiple admin permissions


Certified HR pros and resources so you don’t have to go it alone.

  • Live, unlimited access to a team of certified HR professionals
    Proactive compliance updates and law alerts
    Expert review of your existing policies and documents
    HR Resource Center
    Employee Handbook Builder
    HR Fitness Test
    Job Description Index
    Searchable library of HR Policies, templates,and resources
    On-demand video trainings

Say Goodbye to Payroll Hassles

Answer a few questions, and we’ll help you find the perfect HR and payroll solution.

Stress-Free Payroll Solutions

Let’s face it. Most people dread the idea of processing payroll. Though handling all payroll duties might initially seem like an interesting project, the deductions, withholdings, pay rate alterations and other details have the potential to bog down the process. Our payroll specialists have perfected payroll processing, ensuring each nanny service is liberated to focus on doing their best rather than worrying about whether the paycheck at the end of the week will be right and on time. Our payroll service takes the stress out of compensating those who provide cleaning, care, and other domestic services.

The specific payroll solutions that are ideal for your nanny payroll might not be optimal for another business, homeowner, or other parties. Let us expedite and improve your nanny payroll and you will finally be freed to narrow your focus on doing what you do best. We take the hassle out of nanny compensation, taxes, withholdings, and the other challenges involved in payroll, turning this essential business component from one of your glaring weaknesses into a strength that gives you the confidence necessary to move forward without worry.


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